Road Development, Accredited Testing Laboratory



Provides services targeted at improving the efficiency of organisations active in highway construction and management. The objective of the activities is to improve driving comfort, traffic safety and the building condition of roads. In addition to that, it is involved in other construction areas, primarily building construction and water management.
The professional capacity of the centre is primarily focussed on construction, repairs and maintenance of flexible roads. We deal with all construction layers paying greatest attention to compacted asphalt layers. Our professional skills are developed in accordance with our customers´ needs and requirements.
The Road Development Division (RDD) concentrates on research and development projects, issues of technical development, survey and diagnosing work in the field of roads, and on activities of an accredited testing laboratory. Since 1995, following the transformation by merger into IMOS Brno, a.s. it has been continuing the long tradition of Road Development Brno and as an independent organisation keeps on pursuing certain specialised activities.

RDD deals with the following activities:

  • Research and development in the area of roads - technology of construction, maintenance, and repairs of roads; projects and tasks of technical development; preparation of technical regulations - standards, technical conditions, guidelines, technologic procedures, etc., traffic issues in connection with environmental protection.

  • Accredited testing laboratory no.1074 making comprehensive testing of soils, gravel, asphalt, asphalt products, asphalt mixes, stabilization, roads, road layers, non-destructive Schmidt hammer concrete tests, preliminary, control, take-over and arbitration tests.

  • Diagnosing of roads, consulting and technical support, proposals of asphalt mixes, design and calculations of roads, surveying, solutions for road maintenance and repair.


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